Thinking why an Association? Back in time IJHS gave us all it had, now is the time we give back what we can.
Hail IJHS!



When nostalgia comes knocking, it is time to open the treasure chest of sepia-tinted memories of those good old days spent in the loving embrace of our grand old Alma Mater, Infant Jesus Anglo Indian Boys High School.

For a good number of us, our eventful tryst with IJHS began on that rain-soaked day in the first week of June 1988, when we walked down the wet road of Tangasseri towards the most prestigious educational institution in Kollam accompanied by our parents. I bet for most of us, it was a nervous, yet exciting affair. A new school, stories of bullying seniors, cane-wielding ‘masters’ and above all, the uncomfortable knot around the necks (it was pretty hard to adjust to the knotty transition from the ready-to-tie tie to its original avatar)… these were reasons enough to be jittery.

During the assembly, our roving eyes scanned the area for familiar faces and many of us heaved a sigh of relief to spot friends in the lot. The baritone voice of the towering personality in an immaculate, white cassock, our principal Fr Kayavil, reminded us of what lay in store for us. He seemed to be the epitome of discipline and authority as his stare and a raised index finger could silence the multitudes. Our hearts sank glancing at the stern-faced ‘masters’.

Soon, we were herded by our class teachers to the white washed century-old block (sadly it is no longer there). Soon, it became our home away from home, where we wrestled with new subjects and the black, muddy ground saw many a running race and myriad games. The adjacent building with its ancient-looking bougainvillea canopy always intrigued us of the funny smells emanating from the chemistry lab. It was quite an adventure to sneak around and steal a glimpse of what was happening inside.

As days, months and years passed, IJHS became an integral part of our life, and everywhere we were known by the label of an IJHS boy. In almost every assembly, Fr Principal would remind us in more ways than one of the essence of being groomed as gentlemen. And no wonder, the quest to make us gentleman came at a painful price indeed- No one can forget the painful wacks on the back with the fearsome bamboo canes dealt by some of the unforgettable ‘masters – Kuncheria, Simon, and you know the rest for our little escapades and peccadilloes!!

Not all assemblies were sessions in agony. In fact, the jibes and jokes of Fr Kayavil, especially targetting the plus-sized lady teachers and the paunch of the male staff, would leave us in splits of laughter.

Despite our little rivalries, fisticuffs and competition, still we valued our friendship, which grew as we grew from naughty brats to spirited teenagers. Speaking of teenagers, despite the strict dress code, still we managed to be in style, be it the cut of the trousers, the extra tuft of hair at the nape of the neck, the belts with ostentatious buckles, which used to be frowned upon by some of our teachers. Why? The reason is simple: To mighty impress the ladies across the street. So much so our masters had a tough time patrolling the streets keeping an eye on roadside romeos as Master Hickman and Miss Maureen would term us.

Still it was fun as we had forged thick friendships and the healthy inter-house rivalry, which reached its crescendo during sports and arts festivals. But all rivalries were set aside on House Feast when the boys of Brittos, Berchmans and Boscos gleefully digged into yummy beef biryani lovingly prepared and served by our teachers.

Fast forward to the present

Yes, the raucous, raunchy, bold, brash and adventurous band of ’96 did go with the wind far and wide, even across the seven seas to the far corners of the globe, scripting success in their own ways, both big and small. Twenty-two years are indeed a long time and much water has flowed through Tangasseri’s Buckingham Canal. Even the quaint old suburb has been transformed beyond recognition. But IJHS still remains more or less the same, beckoning its children to come to its bosom once again. Yes, dear friends, our mother beckons us. As they say, there is nothing better than old friends coming together. Let’s make it happen –an unforgettable rendezvous of the valiant band of 100.

For once, let’s leave our worries and chores behind and once again relive those good old days like that bunch of feisty teenagers we once were. Let’s unlock our treasure chest of memories…. Our nicknames; little brawls and fisticuffs; heartthrobs and crushes behind the high walls of MCC; those sugar-coated love letters adorned with gleaming ‘stone stickers’; sleazy jokes and caricatures in class, sneaky trips to the beach; funny monikers for each teacher; gossips about staff; the cool shade of the bougainvillea canopy almost as old as the school itself; the painful whacks on the butt delivered by some masters who would put Hitler to shame; rooting for our favourite houses; the choicest expletives hurled at each other at the drop of a hat; the fizzy, flavourful ice-cream sodas and frosty sip-ups at the canteen; the sweaty, nail-biting sports events on the mud-filled ground….

Boys, fall in…. And Tangy, here we come!!!!

School visit

Let us together take a walk through the hallowed halls, those classrooms whose walls saw all the harmless mischief take place, those famed corridors that have been the center-place of our live’s sweetest memories.


Won’t it be nostalgic and fun to be again sitting together enjoying a tasty meal sharing our respective stories of the last 23 years? The wait is over, we will be living that moment in December 2019.


What is a meet-up without our usual dance and songs ? The dancers and singers of our batch would love to showcase that they still have it in them. Let us all make this a night to remember for the rest of our lives.


Feels like time just flew by in the snap of a finger turning us guys from chilled out boys to humble men. By the way, we still look cool, don’t we?


Anoop John


Unnikrishnan G

Vice President

Vinod R


Arun Krishnan

Joint Secretary

Manoj P



Jiffy Shams

Committee Member

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Committee Member

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Naoufal Nazar

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Ullas Jnan

Sajin S Nair

Sulfeekar Subair Koya

Manoj V

Sayuj D

Nishad Nowsher

Anil Bose

Vineeth Alex Thomson

Swaminathan R

Sherwin Milton

Wilfred Morris

Harikrishna PS

Varghese V Johnkutty

Roshan Rajendran

Krishna Chandra Kurup. V

Pradeep Anandraj

Job Joseph


Abid Sheriff

Ashish Ahammed Khan

Ivin Gancius

Mubasheer Jalaludeen

Praseep Nair V

Joseph Francis

Ajith J John

Allen Benziger

Antony Joseph


Flemion Shafeeq


Gigi John

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Jaison Elias

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Shiv Kumar Kumpawat

Ravi Kumar Kumpawat

Sonu Pankaj

Roby S Prasad

Renjith Leen

Edward F Andrews.

Laiju Samuel

Pravin Hemachandran

Bino Jacob

Anu M Das

Mc Milton

Anoop Dath

Shery Joseph

Chrispin Anderson

Khaja Musliar


Rohit Radhakrishnan

Siyad Khan

Loved Memories


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